Liturgical and Music Ministries

Below are some descriptions of the Liturgical and Music Ministries in which you can become involved at St. Sabina. Many liturgical ministers find that they gain as much as they give by their involvement. It is a great way to learn about the prayer of our community and to become better connected to our parish. If you are interested in becoming involved in one of these ministries, or have further questions, you may contact our liturgist, Susan Ratigan.

Liturgical Ministry

Lector Lectors minister to our community by proclaiming Scripture at Mass and other parish functions.

Eucharistic Minister Eucharistic Ministers are called to serve the parish by assisting the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion. Eucharistic Ministers can also minister to our sick and homebound parishioners. Learn more about Ministry to the Sick and Homebound here.

Usher/Greeter The usher or greeter is the minister of hospitality to all who gather for worship. Their job is to extend a warm welcome and accommodate any special needs an individual may have. Ushers also assist with the collection and coordinate those who bring up the gifts at Mass.

Altar Server Young men and women serve our parish by assisting the priest at Mass and other parish liturgies such as funerals, weddings, and holy week liturgies. Interested adults can also assist with this ministry.

Sacristan The Sacristan’s ministry is to set up the items that are used during liturgies, including communion ware, bread and wine, and the books used by the priest and lectors. They make sure all the things and people needed for Mass are in place and prepared. They also put sacristy items away after Mass. Sacristans are needed for all liturgies the parish celebrates, including weekend Masses, funerals, weddings, and reconciliation services.

Junior Sacristan The junior sacristan is a high school aged minister who assists the sacristan with the duties mentioned above.

Art and Environment This is the ministry of enhancing worship by decorating the church for specific seasons or celebrations of the church year. One can serve by assisting with the putting up and taking down of decorations, providing artwork or artistic ideas and designs, caring for the live plants and flowers used in the church, or gathering and preparing the items to be used for decorating.

Sewing Ministry Those with sewing talents may consider serving the parish by sewing needed liturgical items including banners, altar cloths, vestments, baptismal garments, and smaller altar linens such as purificators and corporal (used during holy communion).

Care of Liturgical Items An important, but less visible ministry is that of caring for sacristy items. A team of people is needed to launder the altar linens and vestments. Another necessary task is making sure candles in the church are filled, cleaned, and kept stocked.

Music Ministry

Accompanist Those with keyboard skills can serve the parish by playing piano or organ as accompaniment to singing. There are a variety of groups to accompany and many levels of involvement from weekly to seasonally. You may also serve as a substitute in the absence of one of our regular accompanists.

Instrumentalists Many members of the parish have experience playing guitar, brass, woodwind, or string instruments at school or with a community ensemble. Those of all ages are welcomed to share those talents by playing with a choir on a regular basis or for special events. Please let us know what you play and how you’d like to be involved.

Choir Member You don’t have to read music or have a trained voice to share your love of singing as a music minister. Our choirs are made of people just like you who like to sing and are willing to dedicate time to preparing for liturgy together. With practice, we create a lovely sound and sing with confidence that encourages the singing of everyone in the pews. There are opportunities to sing at all weekend Masses. Consider joining the group that sings at the Mass you usually attend!

Seasonal Choirs Sometimes there are opportunities to sing with a group that has a limited time commitment, such as for Christmas, Holy Week, or Confirmation. Would you like to sing or play, but are not able to commit to coming to practice every week? Watch the bulletin and listen for announcements about seasonal choirs!

Cantor The cantor’s role is to be a leader of sung prayer. Cantors lead the psalm on weekend Masses at our parish and sing litanies and other types of prayer with congregational responses. Cantors have developed strong singing skills and are comfortable singing independently. They spend extra time preparing for their ministry and often find it helps deepen their spirituality.

Youth and Children’s Music There are opportunities for children and youth to be involved in music ministry at St. Sabina at seasonal and special celebrations. Are you involved in your school choir, band or orchestra? If you would like to share your talents with our parish, we welcome your involvement with seasonal or regular weekly music groups.

Resurrection Choir This is a ministry in the planning. We are seeking individuals who are available during the day and would like to participate in a choir that could sing at funerals. Preparation would take place during weekdays and the choir would sing when requested for funerals. What a wonderful way to support members of our parish family in time of need. Can you help?

Sound System/Recording If performance is not your specialty, but you know a lot about sound equipment, then perhaps you could assist our parish in sharing your talents by setting up sound equipment, running the soundboard or recording when needed.