Saturday, December 16 – 3:00-3:30pm    Fr. Jeff

Saturday, December 23 – 3:00-3:30pm    Fr. Jeff

Mass Times

Monday, December 11 – 8:00am       COMMUNION SERVICE
Tuesday, December 12 – 7:00pm      Fr. Jeff     †Ricardo Lopez Velazquez (SPANISH/ESPAÑOL – Guadalupe Mass)
Wednesday, December 13 – 10:00am  Fr. Jeff     †Joe Birkenbach (Redwood of Raymore)
Thursday, December 14 – 8:00am    Fr. Jeff     †Felix Suwito
Friday, December 15 – 8:00am          Fr. Jeff     †Benjamin James Keifer

Saturday, December 16 – 4:00pm    Fr. Jeff     †Felix Suwito and †Patrick Simpson
Sunday, December 17 – 8:00am        Fr. Jeff     †Rita Miller and the Intentions of the Parish Family
Sunday, December 17 – 10:30am      Fr. Jeff     †Carrie Carrollo
Domingo en Español – 12:30pm         P. Jeff     †Celia Zavala Gonzalez

Monday, December 18 – 8:00am       COMMUNION SERVICE
Tuesday, December 19 – 6:00pm       Fr. Jeff     †Laverne Bremer
Wednesday, December 20 – 10:00am  Fr. Jeff     †Joe Birkenbach (Foxwood Springs)
Thursday, December 21 – 8:00am     Fr. Jeff     †Felix Suwito
Friday, December 22 – 8:00am           Fr. Jeff     †Nick Henning

Saturday, December 23 – 4:00pm      Fr. Jeff     †Lorraine Peterson and †Patrick Simpson
Sunday, December 24 – 10:00am       Fr. Jeff     Intentions of the Parish Family
Domingo en Español – 12:30pm           P. Jeff    †Aaron Velez
Sunday, December 24 – 4:00pm         Fr. Jeff     †Charles Bybee Sr. and †Charles Bybee Jr.