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Saturday, January 19 – 3:00-3:30pm    Fr. Lloyd Opoka

Saturday, January 26 – 3:00-3:30pm    Fr. Jeff

Mass Times

Monday, January 14 – 8:00am        Communion Service
Tuesday, January 15 – 6:00pm       Fr. Jeff     †Donna Kozar
Wednesday, January 16 – 10:00am  Fr. Jeff     †Jerry Mosakowski (at Foxwood Springs)
Thursday, January 17 – 8:00am      Fr. Jeff     †Theo Suwito
Friday, January 18 – 8:00am            Fr. Jeff     †Michael Eugene Bross

Saturday, January 19 – 4:00pm  Fr. Lloyd Opoka  †Pablo José Zayas
Sunday, January 20 – 8:00am     Fr. Jeff                   †Beverly Little
Sunday, January 20 – 10:30am   Fr. Jeff                   Intentions of Our Parish Family
Domingo en Español – 12:30pm P. Jeff                    †Alfredo Carrasco y  †Angela Aguirre

Monday, January 21 – 7:00pm         Ecumenical Prayer Service
Tuesday, January 22 – 6:00pm        Fr. Jeff     Intentions of Melissa Frerking
Tuesday, January 22 – 7:00pm        First Reconciliation Service
Wednesday, January 23 – 11:00am  Fr. Jeff       Intentions of Ruth Brown and †Don Grieb (at Carnegie Village)
Thursday, January 24 – 8:00am        Fr. Jeff     †Theo Suwito
Friday, January 25 – 8:00am              Fr. Jeff     †Jack & Nancy Henning

Saturday, January 26 – 4:00pm  Fr. Jeff                    †Jean Rehm-Coomer
Sunday, January 27 – 8:00am      Fr. Jeff                   †Paul DeMar
Sunday, January 27 – 10:30am    Fr. Lloyd Opoka  †Felix Suwito and †Theo Suwito
Domingo en Español – 12:30pm   P. Jeff                   Intenciones de Nuestra Familia Parroquial y †Salvador de Jesús Calderon Lopez

If you would like to schedule a Mass intention, you can do so with anyone in the parish office at 816-331-4713.
Si le gustaría programar una intención de Misa, lo puede hacer con cualquier miembro del personal llamando al 816-331-4713.