Meet El Salvador Scholarship Student, Alicia

Alicia is from the community of Cinquera and is 20 years old. She is currently in her third year of study at Salvadoran Lutheran University.  She is expected to graduate in 2023 and her grade point average last semester was 8.0.

Alicia lives with her grandparents. Her grandmother, Alicia, is 64 years old, a homemaker, and received a first-grade education. Her grandfather, Rolando, is 60 years old, is a farmer and received a 9th-grade education.

Below please read Alicia’s comments about the Scholarship program, her challenges and her future plans.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR LIFE? The program has had a positive impact in my life. Thanks to St. Sabina and solidarity partners who support CIS (Center of Interchange and Solidarity), ARDM (Association of Reconstruction and Development) through their donations, I and more young people have the opportunity to pursue a university career.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR COMMUNITY? It has been very positive, as the community has an opportunity to form new professionals in different areas. Young people are helped to opt for a university scholarship, as our parents don’t have economic resources to help us achieve our future goals. When I become a professional, I want to serve and support my community.

WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR GREATEST OBSTACLES IN ORDER TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION? One of my greatest obstacles is the social insecurity of our country. Sometimes, I have been a victim of robberies when I ride the bus on my way to university. Another factor that is affecting students greatly is the COVID-19 pandemic, as it came to dramatically change the educational methodology. Virtual classes are new to all students, and we are still adapting.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY? I want to start helping my community to acquire experience, work with the farming sectors and put into practice the knowledge I have acquired. Subsequently, I want to find a job in my field.