St. Sabina’s Mission Outreach

Anapra, Mexico

Long-time parishioners Dwayne Katzer and Sandy Katzer have been involved with the mission to Anapra, Mexico for over a decade. They now direct Manos Amigas, the non-profit organization that provides vacation bible school (VBS) and scholarships each year, along with Deacon Ross Beaudoin (St. James Parish) and a team of dedicated volunteers. Over the years our parish has become more and more involved with Manos Amigas; many parishioners sponsor students’ scholarships, many have donated supplies for VBS and other needs, and some have gone to volunteer at VBS in an incredible immersion experience.

Student Sponsorship Success
A great success story is found in Haydee Carbajal. Haydee was a sponsored student in Anapra from her grade school years. Four years ago, she was the first sponsored woman to graduate from college! Since then, Haydee has been teaching school. Now she is preparing to go on to graduate school! What a story of hard work and determination… and loving support from people in the KC area!

July 2019 Update

The Core team has been busy getting the final preparations ready for VBS and preparing for this year’s student graduates!

VBS runs July 15 through August 1. The theme this year is the Creation Story. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped prepare the craft supplies! Many boxes have been shipped and more are being hand delivered by the groups listed below. The kids will be making animal masks, moon and stars mobiles and planting seeds, just to name a few.

Paulette (adult), and Jeremiah and Mikaela (youths) met with Bertha to prepare for the start of VBS in Anapra last week. They had a fun and successful trip!
We’ll be sending another group July 13 – 18. Sandy, Calvin, Jessica (adults), Eve and Frido (youths) will throw a graduation party, help with the first week of VBS and learn about life on the border.

Please keep these groups in your prayers for safe travels and amazing experiences.

2019 Graduates!
We are excited to announce several graduations this year! Your sponsorship truly has an incredible impact.

Adrian Huerta

High School
Wendy Paola Garcia
Ana Monse Basurto Mata
Brayan Huerta
Jessica de la Rosa
Yudit Alvarado Perez

Jennifer Basurto Mata
Joselyn Araujo Reyes
Rebeca Bruno Molino
Cesar Basurto Rios
Ashley Geraldine Gavia Contreras
Juan Antonio Jauregui Blanco

Leide Tamara Silva
Modesto Emiliano Basurto Mata
Erick Munoz
Patricia Ramirez
Yohana Valeria Aguilar Martinez
Jesus Alexis Basurto Cruz
Berenice Gonzales Flores
Denisse Huerta

Cinquera, El Salvador

July 2020 Update:

Congratulations to our scholarship student, Jhosselyn Guadalupe Rivas for graduating with a degree in Education Science with a specialization in English!

Congratulations to our scholarship student, Ana Elsy Cruz for graduating with a degree in Educational Science with a specialization in English from the Catholic University in Ilobasco, El Salvador.

Students sponsored by St. Sabina

St. Sabina began a partnership with CIS (Center for Exchange and Solidarity) in 2014 to sponsor scholarships for students in Cinquera, El Salvador. There are 17 students in Cinquera on scholarship and donations from St. Sabina cover the costs of 6 students to attend University.

The Youth Scholarship and Formation Program of CIS is different from other programs because:
1.Scholarships are not necessarily offered to the person with the best grades.  Scholarships are awarded to students of families that live in poverty and/or in families where one or both parents fought in the war.
2.CIS provides comprehensive formation and expects from the youth a commitment to social and economic justice.  As part of development and formation, monthly meetings and workshops on various topics are integrated  into the program.
3.The community must form a scholarship committee to oversee the program to ensure the program and its objectives.
4.The youth incorporate themselves into the development of the community and country.  The goal is to develop individuals who will contribute to the development of the country and not to educate a person who will eventually emigrate.

In January of 2015 we sent our first delegation to Cinquera, El Salvador to meet our scholarship students. We partnered with Our Lady of the Presentation Parish who sponsor students in the community of San Rafael Cedros.

Update: Click the button below to view pictures from our delegation to El Salvador in January.

Delegation Photo Album