Meet El Salvador Scholarship Student, Yuleydi

Yuleydi is from the community of San Nicolas, just outside of Cinquera, and is 18 years old. She is currently in her first year of study at Salvadoran Lutheran University and her field of study is social work.  She is expected to graduate in 2026 and her grade point average last semester was 8.91.

Yuleydi lives with her parents, her sister and her daughter.  Yuledi’s mother, Carmen, is 34 years old, is a cook, and received a 6th-grade education.  Her father, Oscar, is 34 years old, is a janitor, and received a 6th-grade education.  Her sister, Joselin, is 14 years old and is currently in the 8th grade. Yuleydi has a 3-year-old daughter named Yenedith.

Below please read Yuleydi’s comments about the Scholarship program, her challenges and her future plans.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR LIFE? It has had a positive impact for me and my family. Thanks to the opportunity I have been given, I have been able to continue my university studies. I’m grateful with ARDM and CIS and St. Sabina for the support they are giving me.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR COMMUNITY? The impact has been very positive. Thanks to the scholarships provided, the community will have professionals in different areas. Youth have the chance to strengthen their capacities thanks to the program, increasing their opportunities for the future.

WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR GREATEST OBSTACLES IN ORDER TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION? One of the greatest obstacles we face is the insecurity of our country. Also, the pandemic has become an obstacle, as virtual education modality is something new for me. Internet signal is very bad in my community, so it’s hard to connect to have online classes. We have to make a huge effort to continue moving forward in our studies.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY? I want to support my community putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the social work area. I want to help others, and eventually get a job.

Jhoselyn thinks the scholarship program is an excellent initiative for those that do not have the economic means. She wishes to thank everyone who makes it possible for her to attend university.

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