Meet El Salvador Scholarship Student, Vanessa


Vanessa Esmeralda Cardoza Flores lives in Cinquera. She is 25 years old and she attends the Lutheran University in San Salvador.  She is currently is her 1st year of study and she is majoring in Public Accounting. She entered the scholarship program in 2016 and she is expected to graduate in 2021.

Vanessa has classes Thursday – Saturday from 8am to 1pm.  She leaves her home in Cinquera each Thursday at 5am for the 4 hour bus ride to San Salvador.  She arrives home each Sunday at 10am.

Vanessa’s family makes its living by farming. Her home is built of a cement blocks with an outhouse.  The family has access to potable water and the house has electricity.

Vanessa lives with her grandparents, her mother, her 18 year old sister, Johana, and her 4 year old son, Hector.

Vanessa was involved in the community project of working at the forest reserve in Cinquera, as well as participating in all the activities of the scholarship program. All scholarship students are required to participate in one community activity per month.

Vanessa’s major challenge is that she does not have a computer, and most of her assignments require a computer.

Vanessa is very thankful to begin her first year in the scholarship program.  After graduation, Vanessa hopes she will be able to find a job so she can help support her family and give back to the community. She believes this program is an opportunity for young people coming from families with few economic resources to be able to complete their studies.

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