Meet El Salvador Scholarship Student, Katerin

Katerin is from the community of San Francisco Echeverria, just outside of Cinquera, and is 17 years old. She is currently in her first year of study at the University of El Salvador and her field of study is Agricultural Engineering.  She is expected to graduate in 2025 and her grade point average last semester was 7.0.

Katerin lives with her parents and 2 brothers.  Her mother, Emma, is 38, a health promoter and completed high school. Her father, Santos, is 41, a farmer and received a 9th-grade education. Katerin’s brother, Josué, is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. Her youngest brother, Néstor, is 1 year old.

Below please read Katerin’s comments about the Scholarship program, her challenges and her future plans.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR LIFE? It has been a great help, as my family has scarce economic resources. We are three children in my house, so my parents can’t afford my university studies. I decided to apply for a scholarship through ARDM, and as a family, we accepted all the commitments the scholarship requires, and thanks to God, I met all the criteria to enter the program, thanks to St. Sabina, ARDM and CIS.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR COMMUNITY? The program has had a huge impact in our community, especially for the youth that come from economically disadvantaged families. Now, we have an opportunity to access a scholarship and become professionals.

WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR GREATEST OBSTACLES IN ORDER TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION? Transportation from my home to university is an obstacle. I have to travel 72 kilometers and expose myself to robberies and accidents. Bus drivers are often reckless, and provide a bad service to customers. On the other hand, delinquency affects us when we leave for our classes in university. We leave home with fear, as there are many thieves who can take the little we have.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY? Personally, I want to share my knowledge with farmers of my community. I want to collaborate with ARDM, as I know they work with farmers and apply an organic method to grow their crops. I want to look for a job and work in my field.