Meet El Salvador Scholarship Student, Boni

Boni is from the community of Cinquera and is 24 years old. She is currently in her second year of study at Salvadoran Lutheran University and her field of study is Agro-ecological Engineering.  She is expected to graduate in 2024 and her grade point average last semester was 8.71.

Boni lives with her husband and her son. Her husband, Edwin, is 29 years old, a mechanic and received a high school education.  Their son, Jeremy, is 4 years old.

Below please read Boni’s comments about the Scholarship program, her challenges and her future plans.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR LIFE? Thanks to the scholarship I’m working on achieving my academic goals to become a professional and benefit my family and my community.

WHAT IMPACT HAS THE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HAD ON YOUR COMMUNITY? Due to the emergency emitted by the Ministry of Health and measures taken locally, I participated in vehicle checks in different points of entry of our town to prevent the spread of the virus in the inhabitants of the municipality. We have also carried out workdays of garbage collection in the main roads and rivers of Cinquera to prevent pollution.

WHAT HAVE BEEN YOUR GREATEST OBSTACLES IN ORDER TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION? My son’s health conditions, lack of materials and supplies to study in University.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER GRADUATING FROM HIGH SCHOOL OR UNIVERSITY? I want to become an agent of benefit for my people, contributing with the knowledge I acquire during my career. I also want to improve the economic conditions of my family when I find a job.