Of Course I’m a Disciple!

Are you so involved in scurrying around with business, children, family, social activities that you have little time for quiet contemplation with God? A Mission is a time of special grace when God calls us into a deeper relationship with Him, a time for personal growth, a time to listen to God, a time of spiritual refreshment and invigoration. Make time for God and join us this Lent for our Parish Mission.

Sunday, March 27 weekend Mass

Monday, March 28 evening Mass

Tuesday, March 29 evening Mass

Wednesday, March 30 evening Mass

Parish Mission March  26-30, 2022
The mission will take place during weekend Masses March 26 & 27, and during Mass on the evenings of March  28, 29, & 30 at 7:00 PM. A reception will follow each evening Mass with a chance to visit with Fr. Gielow along with friends, family, community.

What is a Parish Mission?
A Parish Mission is a special time in a parish community when the community gathers together to gain further insight into a faith filled life. It is a time for grace and renewal of the parish through services and talks filled with stories, examples and meaning. We gather as a parish, to invigorate our individual faith and our faith and identity as a community.

Who is a Mission for?
The Mission is for all people, from inactive to very active. It is for all ages and for any stage in life—youth, adult, married, single, divorced, separated, widow, etc. We particularly invite those who want to know more about how the church can take an active role in the everyday experiences of work, leisure, family and politics. You are encouraged to invite friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers to attend.

Meet Our Mission Leader

Fr. Robert Gielow C.M. was born in LaSalle, Illinois in 1943.  He attended St. Vincent DePaul High School seminary in Lemont, Illinois and graduated in 1961.

Fr. Bob entered the Vincentian Fathers and Brothers novitiate in 1961.  After two years as a novice, he completed his college education at Saint Mary’s Seminary in Perryville, Missouri where he was awarded a B.A. degree in Philosophy.  Father Gielow completed his theology studies at DeAndreis seminary in Lemont, Illinois and was ordained in May, 1971.

Upon receiving a Master’s degree in Counseling from Southwest Missouri State he joined the faculty of Regina Cleri Seminary in Tucson, Arizona. After four years in Tucson, Father Bob joined the faculty at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. During his eight years at the University, he served as Director of Campus Ministry and as Director of Athletics.

After completing his Master’s degrees in Divinity and Religious Studies, he became Director of Vocations for the Midwest Province of the Vincentians.  He served in that capacity for four years and upon completion of a Masters degree in Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in 1987, he joined the Vincentian Parish Mission team.

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