Prior to the pandemic, Fr. Jeff and the parish staff approved the goal to be a Styrofoam-free parish by the end of 2019. Now with the hope of some normalcy in the future, the Green Team has asked the parish to recommit to this goal by the end of 2021. All parishioners and ministry groups are encouraged to recognize the hidden cost of Styrofoam products, including the chemical and caustic waste in producing Styrofoam; it cannot be recycled and remains in our landfills virtually forever, without the ability to decompose. The Green Team and parish staff believe by considering the total cost to our planet of these Styrofoam products compared to paper products that are more environmentally friendly to produce and will decompose with time, the practice of paying slightly more in terms of cash is well worth the hidden cost of what Styrofoam does to the planet. We firmly believe that making this change is answering God’s call to Stewardship of Creation, and we invite you to join us in our efforts by eliminating your use of Styrofoam products at home too.