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Shed Organizing

Thanks to Yvonne and Jacob, a community service volunteer, the shed and the garden look amazing! Please help keep it that way.

Shed Organizing2019-11-19T15:11:34-06:00

Harvest Update!

So far this year, we have harvested 1815 lbs with some herbs still left to go. This is the biggest harvest ever despite the spring weather!

Harvest Update!2019-11-19T15:10:38-06:00

Wanted: Leaves and Straw

We could really use leaves and straw bales for compost and mulch. If you've got some to get rid of, please drop off at the community garden or contact David Pierce for pick up 816-392-1110.

Wanted: Leaves and Straw2019-10-15T11:21:09-05:00

Harvest Update!

So far this year, we have harvested 1,485.6 pounds of nourishment for the hungry in our community!

Harvest Update!2019-10-03T08:29:44-05:00

Help us stock the shed!

Please help the Community Garden stock the new shed! We need new or gently used 1 or 2 gallon sprayers, large tomatoes cages, hand pruners, loppers, PVC pipe, T posts, cattle panels, hardware cloth, yard waste bags, alcohol and bleach wipes, hammer, screwdriver, and plastic bins with lids. [...]

Help us stock the shed!2019-09-06T14:44:39-05:00

Water Line

Hydrant installation: Since Belton could not find the water pipe, we will be getting a new pipe from the meter. Danny Chevalier of Chevalier Construction and Nick Biondo of Four-way Plumbing will be helping Tracy Wheeler with this project! Digging could begin this week! [...]

Water Line2019-08-01T07:33:12-05:00

Summer Harvesting

We are harvesting 40 - 100 lbs each time. We are just over 600 lbs for the year! We could use all the help we can get to harvest, water and pull a couple weeds. Bring your friends and family to join the fun! [...]

Summer Harvesting2019-07-31T11:15:53-05:00

Spring Harvest!

We have harvested about 130lbs so far. However, the peppers, tomatoes are starting to ripen. We have a few baby cucumbers. We will need help as the season progresses. Don't miss the excitement. Bring your family and  friends on Wednesday and Saturday mornings! [...]

Spring Harvest!2019-07-31T11:52:04-05:00
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