[:en]Hola friends of Anapra – It has been a very busy spring and summer for Manos Amigas and the Anapra community.

  • We held a super hero themed Children’s Day party in April for students and siblings in the scholarship program
  • we held a mother’s day celebration for the ladies in the Adopt an Abuela program
  • the VBS curriculum and crafts are all shipped and ready for VBS to start July 17.  We are planning for 150 kids per day for 3 weeks.
  • volunteers for VBS are preparing for their mission trip
  • we received generous donations of diabetes and other medical supplies
  • Cristina, one of the Anapra ladies was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and is ready to start chemotherapy
  • Estela and Luis just purchased a 2002 Odyssey to use for transporting supplies from El Paso to Anapra
  • School is finishing up for the year.  This year we have 12 graduates.  Please see the list below and send cards of congratulations for reaching this milestone.

College:  Brenda Garcia, Adrian Huerta

High School:  Ezequel Bruno

Junior High:  Miguel de la Rosa, Perla Guerra, Alondra Basurto, Marlen Soria

Elementary:  Perla Villegas, Estrella Hilerio, Sergio Venegas, Javier Gavia, Alondra Vega

Current needs in Anapra are:

  • sunscreen
  • money to help with food costs at VBS (approx $100 per day)
  • gray slacks for school (all sizes, boys & girls)
  • white polo shirts for school (all sizes, boys and girls, short & long sleeves)
  • white socks for school (all sizes, boys and girls
  • underwear for school (all sizes, boys and girls)

If you can help, you can give donations, cards and letters to Sandy Katzer: 816-806-9760 manosamigaskc@gmail.com

Above is a pic of most of the volunteers traveling to Anapra this summer (Joseph, Eve, Deacon Ross Beaudoin, Sandy Katzer, Calvin, and Carmen).  Please keep them in your prayers as they travel from July 28-August 7.  Also Paulette Samson who will be traveling from July 16-July 26.

Thank you for your continued support of this amazing community on the border.[:]