You may remember that Manos Amigas scholarship student, Haydee, was supposed to visit our parish this past weekend and speak at a Manos Amigas fundraiser on Monday. Though she couldn’t attend physically she did send a video to thank the mission and its volunteers and donors.

English Transcript:

Hello, good afternoon!
I greet you very fondly

My name is Haydee Carbajal López, I am 29 years old and I live in Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua.

I apologize for not being present with you on this day, but due to health issues my mom suffers I had to postpone my trip.

The purpose of making this video is to make you realize how much it benefited me to be awarded a scholarship by two great women, Peggy Dodd and Georgia Zeller, who I appreciate, admire and love very much.

In the year 2003 when I was in High School was when Peggy and Georgia started sponsoring me until 2015 when I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Education.

That support for me was something I didn’t expect; at that time I could not understand how there were people who without knowing me were giving me the opportunity that would change my life and that of many people around me, those people were my family.

That help served me very well since my parents didn’t have enough financial resources at the time to give me the studies that I longed for.

With this I was able to finish Junior School, High School and College, always with a personal commitment to getting good grades, which was the only thing I could give in return for the support that was given to me.

Having finished my Bachelor of Education has made a big positive difference to me. I have been able to teach high school students and children with disabilities with my knowledge. The doors of several Educational Institutions have been opened to me because I finished my degree where I have received a better paid salary and with it I have been able to help the people I love most in this life who are my parents and others who need my help.

I also bought a second-hand car with it, but in good condition.

The support of Peggy and Georgia has sincerely changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful to them just as they will always be in my heart and thoughts until the last day of my life.

My parents are very grateful to all the people who made it possible for me to finish my degree, they have taught me to help others without receiving anything in return, to be a noble and altruistic person.

For all of the above, I ask you to continue to support these children and young people who do not have the financial resources to continue their studies with scholarships and who, as I do, yearn to have a profession.

Now I have realized that it is so beautiful to help others to make their lives much better.

Peggy Dodd and Georgia Zeller thank you very much, thank you so much for changing my life for the better, for making a difference in me.

I love you so much!

See you soon!

Kind regards:

Haydee Carbajal Lopez

NOTE*** The photos at the end of the video are of my graduations and the Master’s Degree in Educational Research that I am currently taking, as well as my family