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DYK the Implications of Respect Life Sunday?

Reflection Questions

As you view these videos, here are some reflection questions for you to think about.
– What does this video teach us about God?
– What does this video teach us about ourselves?
– What does this video teach us about our world?
– Are there any thoughts, words, or phrases that caught your attention? Why?
– Ask yourself about the details of what you read. Who are the characters? What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why did it happen or why was it said?

Featured Videos

Featured videos are DYK videos that were produced at an earlier date but are significant to the current time of the Liturgical or Lunar Calendar.

Sept. 30th – Feast of St. Jerome
DYK St. Jerome and his role in biblical studies?

Oct. 11 – Feast of St. Pope John XXIII
DYK why Oct. 11 was selected as the Feast Day for Saint Pope John XXIII?

October 31st
DYK the meaning and significance of Halloween?

Do You Know Video Categories

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