Lifelong faith formation is an essential aspect of Christian living. Deepening our faith knowledge and belief are crucial in growing as disciples and members of the Christian community. Do You Know videos are one way, among other numerous opportunities, to grow in your faith awareness and knowledge.  They are aimed at both forming and informing members of the Christian community.  At the same time, they provide a rich opportunity for any interested person to be exposed to and learn more about Christian beliefs, practices and traditions.

The videos cluster around key seasons, feasts, scripture themes and passages, various topics and other aspects of the fullness of the Christian tradition.  Anyone can dip into a particular topic of interest and explore it at their own leisure.  We hope that you will use this resource as a means to enhance, grow and develop your faith life as you continue your lifelong faith journey.

Current Do You Know Video

Reflection Questions

As you view these videos, here are some reflection questions for you to think about.

  1. What are some things that struck you as you watched the video?
  2. What excited you about what you saw and heard?
  3. What questions or concerns did it raise for you?
  4. What difference will the content of the video make in your faith life?
  5. What will you do differently as a result of engaging this particular video?

Do You Know Video Categories

If you want to view and reflect on other Do You Know videos, click a category below to view our archives. Categories are listed in alphabetical order.