Saints are persons who commit to modeling themselves on Jesus, taking on Jesus’ mind and heart in all that they say and do.  In each community certain persons stand out as models of Christian living.  Upon their death, the community believes them to be in heaven, united with God forever.  The Christian community honors their lives as living witnessed to Christ by celebrating the day of their birth into heaven (dies natalis) as a feast day, passing on their life story and memory to future generations.  Mary, Jesus’ mother, has numerous feast days devoted to her throughout the year.  Catholic Christianity affirms the belief in the Communion of Saints.  We believe that those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith are still connected to us. They pray for us on earth as we pray for them in heaven.  Our liturgical calendar is built around liturgical seasons and the celebration of saints’ feast days.

DYK why the Church canonizes certain people?

DYK the backdrop to the feast of the conversion of St. Paul?

DYK why John the Baptist is so prominent during the Advent Season?

DYK the backdrop of Feast of Peter and Paul?

Reflection Questions for Saints videos

DYK the person of Matthew, apostle and evangelist?

DYK Sister Josephine Bakhita, the Patron Saint of Victims of Human Trafficking?

DYK the backdrop to Feast of Mary Magdalene?

DYK the impact of St Jerome on biblical studies?

DYK why Oct. 11 is Saint Pope John XXIII feast day?

St. Blaize
DYK why the church blesses throats on Feb. 3?

DYK why Thomas Aquinas was referred to as “The Dumb Ox”?

DYK the significance of the two African saint, Monica and Augustine?

DYK the story behind the origins of the St. Sabina legend?

DYK why Pope Francis canonized Pope Paul VI?

DYK why Pope Francis canonized Archbishop Oscar Romero on Oct. 11, 2018?

DYK St. Andrew is referred to as The First Called in the Orthodox tradition?

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