Catholicism is a world religion that is very much attuned the diversity of cultures and the unique gifts they bring that richly enhances our faith and religious traditions.  Our devotion to God is always enriched when we are open to experiencing the diversity that other cultures bring to our shared rituals and celebrations. Being exposed to the way other cultures pray, make music, sing and dance allows us entrance into a culture different from our own, while at the same time offering us other ways to pray and show devotion to our God.  Unique cultural saints, feasts, storytelling and traditions give us insight in other cultures, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with that culture, honoring and respecting their rich contribution to the our common Catholic faith and tradition.

DYK the meaning and significance of the Mexican celebration Las Pastorelas?

DYK the legends behind La Befana and Babushka?

DYK the meaning and significance of the Mexican celebration Las Posadas?

DYK the many Latin American customs and celebrations surrounding Christmas?

Reflection Questions for Cultural category

DYK the various Latin American traditions surrounding Jan. 6, the feast of the Epiphany?

DYK the history of the Matachines dancers?

DYK the story and tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

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