The principles of Catholic Social Teaching are often referred to as the church’s “best kept secret”.  While these principles are at the heart of Christian living, sadly many Catholics are either unaware of the them, or simply ignore them, often due to the challenge and personal cost involved in putting the principles into concrete practice. The biblical understanding of “justice,” right relationship with God, others, the human family and all of creation, undergirds Catholic Social Teaching.  God calls us to honor, respect and protect the dignity and worth of every human person, along with all that God created. Knowing the principles of Catholic Social Teaching is essential in faithful Christian living, guiding us in building up the reign of God on earth, based on justice and right relationship the human family and with all of God’s creation.

Part 1 – DYK how the Christian Creeds were formed?

Part 2 – DYK why language is limited in articulating the mysteries of our faith?

Part 3 – DYK the meaning of the creedo statement: One God, Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth?

Part 4 – DYK the background to the creedal assertion that in Jesus, God became fully one of us?

Reflection Questions for Christian Creeds videos

Part 5 – DYK why we claim Jesus came to die for our sins?

Part 6 – DYK why we call the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of Life?

Part 7 – DYK what the four marks of the church represent?

Part 8 – DYK the significance of the creedal focus on the last things?

Part 9 – DYK why the Christian Creeds use symbolic language?

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