Intro info for Christian Creeds videos

Part 1 – DYK how the Christian Creeds were formed?

Part 2 – DYK why language is limited in articulating the mysteries of our faith?

Part 3 – DYK the meaning of the creedo statement: One God, Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth?

Part 4 – DYK the background to the creedal assertion that in Jesus, God became fully one of us?

Reflection Questions for Christian Creeds videos

Part 5 – DYK why we claim Jesus came to die for our sins?

Part 6 – DYK why we call the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of Life?

Part 7 – DYK what the four marks of the church represent?

Part 8 – DYK the significance of the creedal focus on the last things?

Part 9 – DYK why the Christian Creeds use symbolic language?

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