From the beginning of the Christian community, gathering for the Eucharistic celebration has been an integral part of Christian living. Over the centuries, the celebration of the mass has evolved and changed while its core meaning has remained constant, namely the act of thanksgiving to God for the gift of Jesus in and through the power of the Spirit.  Knowing how the mass has evolved and changed is essential to understanding how and why we celebrate the Eucharist the way we do today. The History of the Mass helps us to root ourselves in the wisdom of our tradition and how that wisdom continues to enhance our spiritual life.

Part 1 – DYK what we do when we celebrate Mass together?

Part 2 – DYK how the Mass evolved from Jesus’ life, death and resurrection?

Part 3 – DYK how Jesus’ followers continued his inclusive table fellowship?

Part 4 – DYK how the Mass was impacted by the actions of the Roman Emperor Constantine?

Reflection questions on the History of the Mass

  • Many of Jesus’ lessons were delivered during meals throughout scripture. How do you use meals to communicate and share with your family members and loved ones?
  • How have we been impacted by the Reformation today? Consider how the Christian church and current politics and society in the West would be different today if the Reformation hadn’t happened.

Part 5 – DYK how the Mass changed during the Early Medieval Period?

Part 6 – DYK how the Mass changed during the Late Medieval Period?

Part 7 – DYK the impact of the Reformation on the celebration of the Mass?

Part 8 – DYK how the Council of Trent impacted the Mass in response to the Reformation?

Part 9 – DYK what happened to the Mass after the Council of Trent?

Part 10 – DYK the impact of Vatican II on the Mass?

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