Churches are designated as sacred spaces and all that is in them are a means to help us get in touch with the divine.  They are intended to be “doors to the sacred.”  This does not mean that God is present only in sacred spaces.  Rather sacred spaces are a reminder of and a place to celebrate God’s overall presence in all of creation. Therefore, knowing our sacred spaces and the various items that are contained therein is essential. They are reminders of and pointers to God’s divine presence among us. As you enter your church, or any church, pay attention to what is there and why.  This will greatly enhance your appreciation of sacred spaces and help you more closely connect with the divine.

DYK why churches are called sacred spaces?

DYK why hospitality and welcome are crucial in our sacred spaces?

DYK why are Sundays called Holy Days or Sacred Time?

DYK why Vatican II churches have gathering spaces?

Reflection Questions for Church Building & Environment

DYK why we sign ourselves as we enter sacred spaces?

DYK why we sign ourselves with holy water as we enter sacred spaces?

DYK the significance of the church’s holy oils?

DYK why the ambo is called the table of God’s word?

DYK why altars are called the table of God’s body?

DYK the significance of tabernacles?

DYK the significance of the Easter or Christ Candle?

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