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How Christianity evolved from Judiasm

Part 1 – DYK how Christianity arose from a Jewish context?

Part 2 – DYK how destruction of Jewish Temple impacted Jesus’ followers?

Part 3 – DYK the beginnings of Antisemitism and its horrendous history?

Part 4 – DYK how early Christianity began to arrange and organize itself?

Reflection Questions for How Christianity evolved from Judiasm

Part 5 – DYK why Christianity grew so rapidly in the first 300 years?

Part 6 – DYK how Christianity changed as a result of Emperor Constantine?

Part 7 – DYK how the Church’s identity, structure and ritual practices changed after Constantine?

DYK how Vatican II countered over 20 centuries of Jewish persecution by Christians?

Protestant Reformation

DYK what led to the Protestant Reformation?

DYK Luther’s role in the Reformation?

DYK how Luther’s Theology Challenged the Christian Church?

DYK the Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation?

Reflection Questions for Protestant Reformation

Understanding Islam

DYK what is dialogue and how does one go about doing dialogue?

DYK why dialogue is crucial to our religiously diverse world?

Part 1 – DYK what Islam and Muslims are all about?

Part 2 – DYK what the five pillars of Islam are and how they are closely aligned to Christianity?

Reflection Questions for Understanding Islam

Part 3 – DYK the roles that Jesus and Mary play in Islamic tradition and beliefs?

Part 4 – DYK the origins of the division in Islam between Sunni and Shi’ite?

Part 5 – DYK how to discriminate between the correct understanding of Islam and the misconceptions prevalent in today’s world?


DYK about the week of Prayer for Christian Unity?

DYK the difference between Protestants’ and Catholics’ exposure to scripture?

DYK how different religions calculate time?

DYK why is fasting a spiritual exercise in various religious traditions?

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